It starts with the young

The BRILLIANCE Children® platform offers educational products and resources for juveniles and their guardians that promote connective experiences of emotive self discovery and lay a foundation for beneficial emotion communication that can illuminate Soul Bond Connection decay.

Most of us will say "I just want my child to be happy", yet everyday we impact upon their happiness by reacting to the emotive highs and lows of their life in accord with our emotion frequency blueprint. This appeases our fears and retributions that are founded on our emotion soul virtue histrionics but limits and suppresses our child's emotive progress if their emotion frequency blueprint doesn't align with ours.

The way we navigate parenthood almost always feels right and correct to us. As parents we can ask, manipulate, persuade, influence, tell, direct or force a child to act or behave in ways that satisfy and please us, but if their unique emotion frequency patterning is not aligned with ours, that child will sooner or later either revolt and revert to their own innate emotive drivers or live in silent misery, their true emotive nature obfuscated while mollifying us to retain our approval and acceptance.

Over time, this can foster feelings in our child that are counterproductive to our efforts to be adored, valued and respected, leaving us feeling that our offerings are rejected. With blame or resentment being cast upon our efforts, we are often left with the shock of having what we cast at our own parents being cast back at us.

Understanding the emotion frequency blueprint at work allows us find forgiveness for those we condemn, take responsibility for what we are condemned for and find balance and understanding in our relationships.  

Understand your child better through Emotion Soul Virtues 

Our babes are not a blank slate to nurture an imprint of our wisdom, beliefs and values upon. They enter the world with their own script, born with a unique blueprint of emotion frequency patterning contained in their aureral field that holds all of the beneficial and non beneficial emotion frequency residue of their Soul existence.

What makes up a child's nature goes far beyond the physicality determined by our DNA, genetics and biology to the metaphysical, where soul family bonds, emotion frequency patterning, psyche and the Emotion Soul Virtues innate to us from birth are jointly influential.  

We each have an emotion frequency blueprint that is our own, innate to us, that is balanced according to our Emotion Soul Virtue histrionics.

Our Emotion Soul Virtues are the emotive sum of us. They are the accumulation and validation of self expression that is unique to each soul. 

This BRILLIANCE Children® book series activates our Emotion Soul Virtues, gently stimulating emotion energy frequency through fantasy storytelling that arouses the connection between heart and mind. Not just a process for the young, these stories are an opportunity for both parent and child to jointly find and explore the connection or the similarity of emotion trauma and strengthen the soul bond connection.    

Emotion Soul Virtue INTEGRITY

Light Warrior

by Ceinwen Schneider

Alwyn is different. He likes to dream that he is a bold warrior; tall, strong and very brave. But kindhearted Alwyn is lonely. The other sprites don’t like him, so he decides to change himself to win their friendship. He soon discovers that his appearance isn’t all he must change. Is he willing to compromise his kind heart to gain the approval of others?

Loyalty & Courage  
Bullying & Being Bullied
Self Acceptance

Comments from the Author

Ceinwen Schneider | Brilliance Children

Growing up, we struggle against falling outside the boundaries of our societal norm. Fearing being cast out or bullied for our differences, from early childhood we quickly learn to adjust, limit and make small those aspects of self we perceive might make us rejectable, when in truth it is our differences that makes us wonderfully unique and great. How can we supersede if we deliberately 'fly below the radar? How can we surpass the limiting perceptions and judgements of others to stand out and be seen  if we deliberately blend into the crowd? By adulthood, the courage to be ourselves has morphed into a persona adapted for distorted versions of acceptance, inclusion. approval and love. 

When we embody the beneficial qualities of the Emotion Soul Virtue Integrity, we are loyal and steadfast and courageous in our skin, liberated from the belief that we need to be infallible to be acceptable, and tolerance, understanding and acceptance replace disapproval of self and others. When we embrace these qualities in ourselves, we inspire others to emulate the same.


Emotion Soul Virtue ABSOLUTION

The Colour Realm

Myra has come of age and it is time to join her mother on her first pilgrimage to The Colour Realm. As the forest sprites fly among the human world of emotion energy, mother and daughter observe how beneficial and non beneficial emotions affect the colours that surround each physical form. Eventually, Myra is drawn to the golden light of a disabled boy to both witness a heartwarming disclosure and experience transcendence. 

Disability & Inclusion
Soul & Existence

Comments from the Author

Ceinwen Schneider | Brilliance Children

We are eternal beings connected by Soul. Our emotions influence our thoughts, feelings and actions and reactions, influencing our emotive equilibrium with beneficial and non beneficial result. By acknowledging and better managing our emotion energy we can improve our connections with others.


A Word from Lisa & Ceinwen

Through our own parenting trials and errors, experiences and choices, we have come to realise that 'to parent well’ means to parent each child according to their unique Emotion Frequency Patterning needs, free from and untainted by our own. 

With our discovery of BRILLIANCE® and the Emotion Soul Virtues, we can now offer parents and guardians the opportunity to assist activation of the Emotion Frequency Self-Qualification process in their young or juvenile charge. 

As founders of this BRILLIANCE®Children movement, we invite you to engage with us in this exciting and brand new parenting venture, improving the emotive constitution of this and future generations. It starts with the young. 

Ceinwen Schneider | Brilliance Children


founder / brilliance® creator

Lisa Holmes | Brilliance Children


founder / brilliance® creator

Parenting Blog

Understanding Emotion Soul Virtues can make a difference to your family

We set out with the best of intention to harness our beneficial Emotion Soul Virtues INTEGRITY, VALIDATION, ABSOLUTION & ADORATION in our ambition to love and be loved unconditionally. Every thought and action, even the way we contextualise our existence is filtered through the Emotion Soul Virtues we intrinsically favour, and are the quintessential states of emotive wholeness to the Emotion Frequency Self-Qualification process.

Our Emotion Soul Virtues orchestrate our feelings and develop the way we communicate with others. Unless the feelings are succinct between us and our child, communication is off kilter. The Emotion Soul Virtues we intrinsically favour are one of the reasons why we find comfort and commonality with one child, conflict and disharmony with another, and why our default parenting style works better with one child than another, when we are with all our best efforts 'loving them all exactly the same' .

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The BRILLIANCE®Children 'Parenting through Emotion Soul Virtues' program cuts to the core of how we feel and why we act and respond the way we do, and identifies the dissension that lubricates the decay of our soul bond connection with our child.